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Concrete design can convert your garage, loft, spare room or outhouse in to a usable living space.


Garage Conversion - Loft Conversion - Barn Conversion - Outhouse Conversion

The above extension was build to look part of the main building and to appear to build when main building was constructed. When the extension was completed, the surrounding ground was leveled and a patio created leading back to boundary fence. Plants and shrubs were then planted to finih it off.

Garage Conversions

Turn your unused garage space in to an additional living area, child friendly space, bedroom or man cave / exercise or play room.

most modern garages will not accomodate your car comftably or are not required, this area can be converted in to a modern fresh living or leisure room.

Loft Conversion

Convert your under utilised roof attic area in to a master bedroom with on suite, lounge area or office. You will be amazed at the amount of space available to you or create a dorma or sky lights - velux type windows.